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Strength A bodybuilder swiftly heaves 400 lbs. over his head. A lawyer finds a loophole and her client is cleared of all allegations. An English major types his term paper, in hopes that he can fulfill the 750 word minimum. These scenarios completely differ from one another; however, they all possess one similarity_ a driving force which helps a person to accomplish a goal. This force is the basis of strength. Essentially, different forms of strength can be categorized into two types_ physical and mental.

The most common meaning associated with the word "strength" lies in the term "physical strength." When one thinks of physical strength, one's mind immediately creates images of the bodybuilder supporting a tremendous amount of weight over his head. This term conjures words such as "power" and "muscle." It also evokes images of extreme muscle definition and size.

People possess strength. For example, it requires physical strength to get out of bed and arrive to an 8:00AM class with time to spare.

It also requires strength to mow a lawn or play football. Physical strength permits one to do work or perform a specific assignment. It may very well determine the outcome of the University of Alabama's homecoming game. If the Crimson Tide defensive line overpowers the offensive line of Ole Miss, then the quarterback will be forced to rush, resulting in poor passes and possible interceptions. On the other hand, if the Ole Miss offensive line overwhelms the Tide's defensive line, then the quarterback may have ample time to throw quality passes. In the same way, whichever team possesses the stronger running-backs could perhaps escape defeat. Along with strength comes power and endurance, the ability to effectively complete a task within a given time period. Essentially, physical strength is shear power.

The other form of...