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Stress So what is stress? Well I'm sure it can be defined in different ways. However, what I do know about is how stress has affected my dad. As an elderly person in his forties, stress is a constant thing in his life as it is to most people his age. As the main breadwinner in the family and a man of many principles, he carries the heavy burden of providing comfortably for the whole family. Whenever he's stressed out, my mother, brother and I are sure to be recipients of his stressful behavior. Anything financial in the house is his responsibility. So surely his thoughts everyday must be on "˜paying for the children's education', "˜phone, electricity, water, gas bills', "˜loans', "˜spending money', etc"¦ These constant thought processes puts him under pressure. Questions such as; "˜Whether there's enough money in the long run?', "˜Will he I able to have a comfortable retirement?' All this leads to behaviour patterns such as mood swings, unfriendly voice tones, impatient behaviour, quick to criticise people, and the list goes on.

Finally I've come to the solution that there isn't really one, dad will just have to wait till both his children are out of the house and working, earning their own money and supporting themselves.