The Striation Of Loyalty

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What is war? The actual English word war comes from Old High German words meaning strife and confusion. The definition of the term war is a struggle or competition between opposing forces for a particular end. The English translation of war was well selected from its translated language. Strife and confusion are strudy emotions in one's mind who is involved in war. These emotions depict the strategy of the minds which are in combat as well as the motives behind them.

Arthur Koestler believes war is not fought on terms of hostility and anger. He believes war is fought on terms of loyalty and honor. This opinion is also felt strongly by many other people. Koestler states that war is homicide. Koestler believes that homicide for personal satisfaction is rare in all cultures. This viewpoint seems to be proper for almost every battle in history. First of all, how many young soldiers that enlist in the armed forces are even interested in the opposing forces of their chosen cause? How many soldiers enlist in the armed forces because of hatred for the opposing forces? Koestler states that soldiers "fight with resignation, because they have no other choice," which is very true in many cases.

Many, but not all, soldiers choose to enlist because they have nothing worthwhile going on in their personal lives. Koestler also states that soldiers fight "with enthusiasm for king or country, the true religion, the righteous cause - moved no by hatred but by loyalty." This viewpoint is true in many situations as well. Soldiers have no personal rivalry with countries against their homeland.

In the recent attacks from terrorists, many American citizens are angry and upset. John Q. Citizen has no direct ties with Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden did not have an...