Structure Of The Very Short Story ByErnest Hemingway

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The story - 'The Very Short Story' is one of many popular stories by Ernest Hemingway. It is about a woman - Luz (the protagonist) and her ambivalent feelings for her lover. Ernest has built a fast paced story on love and lust with simple vocabulary and vivid descriptions. His story is divided into time and geographical parts. As each moves on, so do the feelings joint to it. Ernest also drifts away from the formal structure of exposition due to the simplicity and intensity of the plot. He does not give examples or reasons for the actions of the characters. On the contrary, he includes facts of the events in their lives.

The story describes the central character (Luz) to be confused with her emotions towards her lover at war. She loves him, but finds her career and stability more important. Ernest starts off directly by writing about their 'perfect' love for each other from the very beginning.

While little details are given of their relationship, he states their plans of being together forever. They wanted to get married. Even when her lover left for the war, she only loved him. However, this message reached to the soldier quite late. This is where the time and place factor changes the feelings involved.

Due to distance and insecurity, they begin to have communication gaps. Neither of them understood each others' priorities. The feelings of love begin to disappear as time goes by. The geographical difference makes a big difference, as we learn that something very important than love was missing in their relationship, and that way the physical touch. Since neither of them saw each other due to their own liabilities and life styles, the security in the relationship began to fall apart. That explains why Luz rushed into...