Study notes: how to jump start a car, Drivers ed project

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Jumpstarting a Car

1.) Finding someone with a car that starts

- only jumpstart your car as a last resort if you cant get a tow truck to come get you

- **- try calling A.A.A

2.) Jump starting

- Jump starting a car is dangerous, so you must be very cautious when doing so

- First open the hood of both your car and the person helping you

- Connect one of the red clamps to the positive (+) part of the battery, this part will in most cases have a red cover

- Connect one of the black clamps to the same battery on the negative side (-)

- Now connect the cables the same way to your car

- Make sure you do them one at a time to make sure you don't get electrocuted

- start up the car of the person helping you and rev the engine

- at the same time of doing so turn the ignition of your car

- if you have followed these steps correctly your car should start

3.) The alternator

- In most cases when you have to jumpstart your car, the problem is most likely the alternator.

- What this piece of equipment does is it uses the energy generated by your car to recharge the battery.

- If your car uses a carburetor then jumpstarting will allow the engine to keep running until you shut the car off.

- However if your car uses fuel injection then your car will not jumpstart

- If your car is fuel injected and still starts with the aid of a jumpstart , that means that your problem is a dead battery and you should immediately invest in a new one, or try to charge it with a proper battery charger...