Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse

Addiction. The biological state in which the body adapts to the presence of a drug so that the drug no longer has the same effect; also known as tolerance (Psychology Today). The question that everyone wants to know is if substance abuse is something we develop through experience being the nurture side of things; or are we born with it: nature. Addiction could be a disorder that one cannot control, or it could also be penalties made from bad judgment. Many psychologists believe it is either nature or nurture. Addiction/substance abuse could be caused by both, nature and nurture.

Drugs, whether its prescribed or psychoactive drugs to alter perceptions and moods, they all have side effects that could effect the way you live your everyday life. Most people manage to use nonprescription drugs in moderation without disrupting our life, but some use self-harm substances that alter their everyday life (Myers, 2014, p.

108). According to Addiction: A Whole New Views, the claim that millions of Americans are apparently "hooked," not only on the drugs such as cocaine, heroin but also on nicotine, caffeine, work, love (Rogers, 1994). Although most people choice to do these drugs they also could be used as "dependencies," they depend on these drugs to either alter their views. Nature plays the roll in withdraws, most people are in contact with addictive substances during satisfying acts (Rogers, 1994). This evidence is that addictive behaviors are normal, a natural part of our wiring (Rogers, 1994). Everyone engages in addictive behaviors to some extent, such as eating, drinking, etc. so why not add drugs to the mix? According to Addiction: A Whole New View, they claim that the icescape fact is that nature gives us the ability to become hooked on these drugs. Our...