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Block 5a

The Dialogue Within

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." Michael J. Fox. Family should be everyone's number one priority. The comedy sitcom "Family Matters" exemplifies family struggles. Families achieve being annoying, shameful and loving.

Speaking of families, families contribute to being annoying every day. In Family Matters, (Prepositional) Steve Urkel often barges in to the Winslow's house screaming for his love "LAURRA"! As much a Steve enjoys Laura, (Gerund) He still frequently tries to impress the whole Winslow family. Judy Winslow, a young lady, (Appositive) is trying to fit in and always sneakily finds a way to retrieve her belongings. The Winslow family is very special; they have many people that live with them, so many streamline accidents. To capture their emotions is unbearable. Whenever Laura and Eddie do something wrong Judy identifies it and tries to bust them.

Busting increases later allowance. (Gerund)

Over time, families regulate shame over each other. On the episode of Family Matters, Steve brings his package of termite ants into Eddie's new apartment. Too the ants, they compose the apartment (Infinitive). When everybody left the apartment, Eddie accidently knocks over the ants unnoticed. When Eddie arrives home, his apartment looks like a battlefield, as Steve walks in he looks around and shamefully says "Did I do that". As Judy finds her boyfriend with a different girl, Judy gets dumps by her boyfriend (Participial). Shaken by sadness, Judy denies feeling for her boyfriend. (Participial)

Continuing, Love diagnoses all family members. After Judy and her boyfriend broke up, the whole Winslow family was there to decrease her morn. To argue as Eddie and his friend did is unheard off.( Infinitive) Throughout the whole nine seasons of Family Matters events always turns for the worst. One episode, Carl, the overweight cop, loses his job (appositive); In spite of this, (Prepositional) his family encourages him to get out back to the work force. After all the time he spent moping around, family was trying to comfort him and him get back on his feet.

All through life, families have existing irritation, dishonor and affection. Love is the bond holding families together. "Family is the most important thing in the world." Princess Diana. Without love, life as we know would be a cold, depressing wasteland. Visualize of the last time you said "I love you" to your friend?