Success and Failures

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The success and failures of the bed and breakfast industries has left me to believe that anything you do not want to commit to will cause you to fail in this business. Some of the issues I came across through, involved several different ideas about making our company successful. These included; it's about the guests, making reservations, hospitality, comfort, value, and marketing. I will touch a little bit on each one of these topics to explain there importance, and how they will help the success or failure of the business.

Other criteria that need to be taken into consideration involve the location, conveniences, and whether the guests are comfortable. Upon finalizing my research on success and failure rates, I also investigated, which gave me a little more insight on looking outside the box for other important issues that need to be brought to our attention on becoming and continuing to be successful.

In this report, I will cover all of the above mentioned criteria, and define problems that may arise from them.

It's about the said it the best." One basic principle of psychology is that people seek pleasure and avoid pain. Our success is determined by how rigid the rules are concerning credit cards, check-in, breakfast times and menus. Other important issues include the availability of telephones and TVs."Making reservations needs to be simple, not complex. Offering online registration will increase our business by approximately 45%. Use on-line availability and real-time bookings to make it easy for guests to plan their trips-even at midnight. According to the PALL Study, guest tracking statistics point definitively to the internet as the leading source of guests, increasing from 22% in 1998, to 42% in 2000, to 45% in 2002, for B&Bs in business for three years or less, the...