Successful and Unsuccessful Learning Experinces.

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Successful and Unsuccessful Learning Experiences


When I was about fourteen years old I wanted to go on a skiing trip to Austria with my school, my parents said they would pay for the for the spending money I was saving my wages from my part time job helping the milkman. I had one major problem, I couldn't ski!!!

I didn't want to travel all the way to Austria and then learn to ski, my train of thought was that if I was going to Austria , I wanted to be able to go up to the top of the mountains and see all the wonderful views. I also wanted to able to ski freely all week without being watched over by the teachers or skiing instructors and I knew this would not be a possibility if I was unable to ski.

So I had to find somewhere where I could learn to ski before we left and the place would have to be near to Coventry because I would be depending on public transport to get there.

I enquired at my school about any provisions that they were taking to teach the pupils how to ski, from this I learnt that the school was going to run a course of skiing lessons at a dry ski slope in Birmingham, at the Ackers Leisure Centre.

I attended the classes with the school and quickly realised that because of the size of the classes and the mental attitude of the pupils around me that I was never going to learn enough before I went on the trip, so when I went home that night I spoke to my parents and we decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands. So I telephoned Ackers and asked about receiving personal,