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Suicide is final act of self-destruction that ends a person's life. It is committed in a state of hopelessness and despair.

There is no single reason why a person considers suicide as the only escape.

Some youth perceive suicide as being a final option a person chooses when he or she feels like they have no other viable options for survival.

The effects of youth suicide can be devastating. Often the parents, families and friends had no idea he or she was even suicidal.

when reading through the book' Looking for Alabrandi' I was disturbed that a School captain committed suicide under all the pressure to succeed.

Proving that anyone can be suicidal not just depressed people with social issues.

Even though eight out of ten people give warning signs of their suicidal intentions. Sadly suicide in Australia is steadily on the rise.

So what programs are out there to prevent this? Well obviously not enough as it is still happening and It doesn't look like the figures will decrease any time soon.

Perhaps education is the key. If everybody is educated about why suicide happens and how you can detect signs, then maybe the figures will decrease.

More than 2,000 Australians die from suicide every year. For every person who kills themselves, there are at least another 30 people who attempt suicide.

The risk is highest for young people between 15 and 30 and those over 65. More men than women take their own lives, and the rate for single people is twice that of married people.

There is no doubt that depression is a major cause of suicide. Of those who do kill themselves, many have experienced major depression.

An alarming statistic is in 1999 more people in Australia died due to suicide 2,492 than in motor vehicle...