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In this brief article about how electronic networks affect decision-making processes, the author covers many of the critical thinking elements. Mr. Robert Barner immediately states his perception of the potential changes caused by the introduction of networks in an organization. He believes that several things will happen as a result; employees can more easily communicate with senior managers; employees will feel as if they are more a part of the team; and decision-making processes will become faster in order to keep up with the speed of communication; and new approaches must be developed for group decision-making.

The above statements are assumptions based on the author's perception. All of the situations are possible, but are not necessarily the ultimate outcome of the networking influences. However, Mr. Barner effectively argues his case as to why these outcomes are the most probable. For example, he references research that supports his idea that new approaches must be created for group decision-making in the face of networking.

By references a third party, this lends credibility to his assumption.

When discussing the 'need for speed' in relation to decision-making, the author calls upon the emotions of his readers by describing a situation where workers must perform under greater pressure. Most people, if not everyone, can relate to work related pressure. Therefore, they can more easily comprehend his argument and agree with his point of view.

As the author, Mr. Barner does an excellent job of presenting the strengths and challenges of his arguments. He does not deny that networking will have serious implications on organizational decision-making. Instead of ignoring the challenges and concentrating solely on the strengths, he confidently identifies the obstacles and discusses what needs to be done to overcome them. The best example is found in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph: "To...