Summary of "What is Communications."

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There are many different definitions of communication. Communication is a systemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings. A more scientific definition would be: communication is the flow of information within point A to point B and its basic purpose is to either persuade, entertain, or to inform. How we communicate can come in forms of verbal or nonverbal, intentional or unintentional. It is the giving and taking of both message and meaning that concerns either one person (intrapersonal communication) or two people or more people. The more people involved with the communication process the more impersonal and interpersonal the message gets, the sender has to choose his/her words more carefully.

The basic concept of communication starts with a sender encoding a message through a channel to a receiver who decodes and understands the message and sends feedback. Through out this cycle, knowledge is gained between the sender and the receiver this is called co-orientation, it is where the sender and receiver have mutual understanding.

Communication also occurs in a system or context. The physical environment and the time of day are elements of the system that affect interaction.

Human beings are symbol users; we actively interpret events, situations, experiences, and relationships. We use symbols to construct what it means. Communication is that it is a symbolic process, words a used as a representation of actual reality, sometimes symbols can be abstract such as the word 'chicks'. It is also a social process as it occurs as people respond to things seen and heard in society. The concept is an important aspect in communication because it involves sharing the basic meanings of symbols and understanding them. Understanding symbols involves individual interpretation.