A Summary of "Julius Ceasar" by William Shakespeare.

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Act One

Shakespeare's famous Roman play opens to the scene of two Tribunes, Marullus and Flavius scolding Roman citizens for blindly worshipping Caesar. It is the Feast of Lupercal. Caesar has just come back to Rome as one of the most powerful men in the Republic. Their conversation reveals deep-seated fears that Caesar is growing too powerful and too arrogant. Hoping to reduce the blind hero worship of Caesar, the two men remove ceremonial decorations off Caesar's "images" (statues) despite the obvious dangers of doing so. They feel that if they disperse the crowds they can weaken the popularity for Caesar.

In scene two, Caesar is leading a procession through the streets of Rome. They are on there way to a fertility race in honor of the god Pan. Caesar calls for Calphurnia and ask Anthony to touch her during the race. This is to make a sterile woman into a fertile one.

A Soothsayer or fortuneteller tells Caesar to beware the "ides of March [the 15th of March]" a warning that Caesar will die on this day. Caesar ignores the warning and continues with the Festival. Cassius, who fears Caesar's growing power, begins to recruit Brutus, a close friend of Caesar, towards his conspiracy by implying that Caesar is becoming too powerful. Cassius tries to convince Brutus that Caesar is not fit to rule Rome. They hear the crowd cheering as Caesar enters the coliseum. Cassius and Brutus fear that the citizens have already chosen Caesar for their King. Brutus states that he is not willing to live under a king and will die to protect the good of Rome. Brutus is suspicious of Cassius' motives but tells Cassius that he will think it over. Casca, another conspirator, reveals information to Brutus that suggests Caesar may be getting more...