Summary: "Library Card" by Richard Wright.

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"The Library Card" is based on the real situations Richard Wright experienced while growing up. The setting was back in time in an era where blacks were known to be ignorant due to the laws of the white man. Blacks were restricted from good education and that means that most of them couldn't read at all and because of this Richard Wrights writes his struggles in the Library Card.

Richard Wright would go into this one library and out of the everyone in society there was one kind man; Mr. Falk who tries to help Richard Wright to check out a book and read. However, people like Mr. Gerald who heavily put the burdens of being black on Richard Wright at his apartment. Due to these red necks the separation of whites and blacks caused the distrust and forge that made it hard for Richard Wright to have the right to read.

It's a relieve that our society now prosper from this dark era where regardless of what your nationality is you can gain a good education. People are treated equally and with respect. Although, we still have those small groups who believe in the old ways we came a long way. Plus, I can't even believe that people were like that with no compassion and love.