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Summer to me means being at the lake. The lake is okay, but with a boat it becomes an adventure. Boating gives you so much freedom. If it gets crowded on the beach you can head for the surf. You can also change your scenery with the push of the throttle. It's amazing.

Have you ever sat on the beach all day baking in the sun? Well I have. It's alright, but I'm not a huge fan of it. You're alright at first, but then an hour or two later you feel like bacon sizzling in a frying pan. Your suntan lotion is starting to feel like cooking grease. Being on the beach all day is no picnic. To the water, back to your towel and to the water again. People are watching you walk back and forth like it's a tennis match. The ground starts to feel like razor blades under your feet.

At this point I would say, "I'm done." I would rather stay at home than go through the ritual of the dreaded beach dance.

One summer my wife Michele suggested we should get a boat. I love being in the water, but not on the rocky desert of burning beach bums. So we took the plunge. We now own a boat. No more crowded beaches for us. A little turf and a whole lot of surf, that's the way I view the lake now.

I always look forward to launching the boat. My stomach starts to flutter from anticipation. We wait in a caravan of boats ready to set sail. The time comes and we back the beast into the water. The roar of the motor tells me she's ready to go. I pull the throttle back slowly. She slides to...