Superior Bottled water

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Superiority 1:

Water in coloured bottles.

The bottles will be of approximately 150 ml.

Bottles will have a range of famous cartoons of the day.

Superiority 2:

Water in jelly packs in the shapes of cartoon characters.

The opening is positioned near the mouth of the animation heroes.

The water will have to be sucked out from the opening.

The above two ranges will be specifically targeted at kids.

Superiority 3:

The bottle cover will be designed such that it has a cover with multi-opening option

More than one person can hygienically have a sip from the bottle.

Consumer will perceive this special cap as an improved functionality especially in moving vehicles.

Superiority 4:

A premium range of package water with varieties from some of the most iconic places in the world

Eg Gangotri,Lourdes,Hunza valley

Bottled in prestigious Sapphire bottles (inert material)

Available in 5 Stars and similar type locations