"Surreal vs. Real Life" is an comparative essay. It is comparing the real life situations to unreal (fantasy life).

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Surreal vs. Real Life

Every normal human at one point in their life wishes and dreams of, and even craves the existence of a utopia, a surreal life. All (all as in reference to human beings, with a mature level of thinking) want a life that offers more of an upward stability compared to a current state of being, which in some aspect may be lacking. Where an ideal life may not include any troubles found today, and offers the cliché of clouds with a silver lining, real life includes not only troubles but also so much more, which provides many nameable contrasts between the two. In one world there is sunshine all year round, in the other a grossly challenging variety, often not wanting to be faced.

In the "perfect" life, there is happiness and freedom from worry and hardships. Heaven on earth, long thought over and sought by many, a truly tempting "mouth watering" alteration of our existence that is so wanted, yet completely out of reach.

Everyone's daydream is comforting to dream, take them to this imaginary place where every home is of equal value, every car is built by the same manufacturer, and every family has the same number of children, and includes pets. This is where it never rains on game day, or on anyone's parade. It's also the seemingly perfect place, sound economically as well as politically. A dream come true, for most, with an almost euphoric peace of mind. A world where it is safe to unlock your doors, take the bars off your windows, never fears that your car parked on the street will in some way be damaged, and go a walk well after dark. Children can play outside without fear of being viscously attacked, even by the neighbor's dog. Where...