Survival sex

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Survival sex

Survival sex is prostitution engaged in by a person because of their extreme need. Those who are homeless, have mental health issues, and are a different gender, are at increased risk of relying on survival sex. Homeless youth who engage in survival sex are at a greater risk for depression. Moreover young adults with surviving issues turn to sex work in order to maintain. "With one eight-city study finding that homeless youth and young adults who engage in survival sex were 4.5 times more likely to have attempted suicide" (bell, walls). Rebbecca Ray, a young lady who is involved in survival sex stated, "I was about thirteen when I started letting guys feel me up in order to survive, I knew it was wrong but I had to do what I to do". Not everyone involved with survival sex does it for emotional reasons, for some like Rebbecca it's when living becomes the ultimate sacrifice.

Childhood physical, mental, and sexual abuse by parents and caregivers is correlated with increased likelihood of trading sex for survival.

The stress of trading your body for shelter can indeed increase the need for them to escape. "Studies that have focused on specific drugs have found alcohol use to be associated with increased likelihood of engaging in survival sex" (bell, walls). By taking these drugs it just affects the mental health of the youth when it comes to survival sex. However, "relationships with a parental figured may also act as a protective factor" (stein). Strong relationships with families can help. Kids turn to survival sex if there are family issues or they are being abused. Family history is a risk factor so that, "Parental drug and alcohol problems have been associated with many...