The survivor on the land of Hiroshima - Miss Toshinki Sasaki.

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More than fifteen hundred thousand bodies lay dead on the streets of Hiroshima and more than a hundred thousand were injured. According to researchers, the nuclear bomb that was dropped there was made from highly-enriched uranium-235. About sixty kilograms of this element was used in the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan's seventh largest city, on 6 August 1945. It was said that about ninety percent of the city was destroyed. Moving and powerful, Hiroshima is a true story about six people who survived through one of the greatest disasters in history. This novel written by John Hersey tells about these Hibakusha (bomb affected survivors) on the land of Hiroshima. Miss Toshinki Sasaki is a real survivor. She lived with her family in Koi and worked at the East Asia tin works where she was a sales clerk. She dealt with plenty of issues in her life. Impatient, selfish and controversial could describe Miss Sasaki.

Miss Sasaki was very innocent and caring. She had a lot of responsibilities at home, she had to cook and clean for her mother, father, sister and two brothers. Miss Sasaki cared about her family and did anything to make them happy. She had got up at three o' clock in the morning on the day the bomb fell. Miss Sasaki worked at the East Asia tin works as a sales clerk. That day, Miss Sasaki helped out for the preparations of a memorial service for a former employee who had committed suicide (16). She felt sorry and guilty for the young man. After she was done, she went back to her desk which was right beside tall bookcases. It wasn't until later when the bookcase fell on her left leg after atomic bomb exploded. Her leg was horribly twisted. In the first moment...