Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development is a concept, which ties to protect and keep the earth as it is, if not better. There is a program set up by the United Nations in order to accomplish this goal. The reason that this assembly was created was because many countries were worried about the world becoming too developed. SO the Un decided that it would step in and try to save and preserve the earth.

There are numerous reasons why it is necessary to contain development into countries. The first reason is that development usually destroys the land on which it is built and therefore causes damage to natural areas to start. For example if there was to be further development in the Amazon, that means that trees and rainforests would have to be cleared in order to begin development. That in itself causes two problems. First, it destroys the natural habitat of the organisms and plants that live there.

Some of the animals and plants are so sensitive to their environment, that they could become endangered or possibly extinct. Another problem that this causes is that there are fewer trees to clean the air, which leads to global warming and the so-called greenhouse effect. Another major problem is that deforestation; especially in wet areas can cause serious flooding and can kill crops. With deforestation, nobody wins.

Another reason that development into natural habitats is bad is because these areas, once destroyed, loose their natural "organs"�. The soil can lose all of its nutrients, the crops that are planted in the ground can use up all of the nutrients in the soil and then there is no way that we could restore the forest to the natural state again.

However, it is important to increase the standards, which some areas of the world are...