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Doral Academy Charter Prep School

Intensive Reading Course Syllabus 2014-2015

Teacher: Mrs. G. Acosta School Phone: (305) 597-9950

Room: 205B

Temporary Email: (new email will be given to students and on the website next week)

Welcome to Doral Academy Charter Prep School! I am looking forward to an exciting year as we work together to help you become more effective readers. It is my goal to assist you to your full potential as readers while making learning fun!


Please return this form signed acknowledging the expectations of the students. In addition, if you shall have any question throughout the year, please email me. This is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to reach me.

Students' grades are accessible on the portal at all times.

The students' homework will always be posted on our school website along with our contact information.

To access students' grades and home-learning assignments please visit the schools' website:

Course Description:

Reading students will utilize the Framework Model based upon Differentiated and Data-Driven Instruction and the CRRP. Students will learn to apply Active Reading strategies as outlined in the Reading Curriculum Map based upon the K-12 Comprehension Research-based Reading Plan, Florida Standards for the new English Language Arts Assessment and FCAT Benchmarks (for the reading FCAT 2.0 re-take students). Instruction will focus on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and test-taking strategies. Some strategies that will be utilized are: sequence of events, setting, plot, main idea, prediction, inference, Venn-diagrams, two - column notes, KWL chart, think-pair-share, figurative language, analogies, etc.

Student Assessment:

A variety of assessment tools will be utilized to determine content mastery including teacher observation, paper and pencil test/quizzes, Florida Achieves, F.A.I.R. Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments, Reading Plus, and Progress Monitoring Assessments (as needed).

Reading Plus:

Reading Plus is a computer based reading...