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Subject: The Glass Menagerie Topic: Symbolism for Laura, Amanda, and Tom SYMBOLISM IN THE GLASS MENAGERIE In The Glass Menagerie, each of the main characters, Laura, Tom, and Amanda have symbols that symbolize them. Laura's symbol is Blue Roses. Tom's symbol is the movies. Amanda's symbol is her yellow dress. The use of these symbols is to show their different characteristics and how each of them is portrayed in the play.

The Blue Roses symbolizes Laura. Jim gave Laura the name Blue Roses in high school not knowing just how like them she is. The Blue Roses symbolizes Laura's uniqueness. Blue Roses does not exist in the real world which also makes them unique. This rose is different from other roses just as Laura is different from other girls. The color blue represents the sadness and depression Laura feels. Roses represent her beauty and innocence. The stem of the rose represents the support Amanda and Tom give her just like the stem supports the rose.

The thorn is her shyness. No one wants to go near her because of her shyness just like they shy away from the thorn of a rose.

Tom loves to go to the movies which symbolize his longing for adventure. It is at the movies Tom lives his adventures it isn't enough and only satisfies him for a short while. As Tom watched more movies he desired more adventure. When Tom said, "People go to the movies instead of moving"¦". He meant that people live their lives through movies and forget their own dreams for adventure. Tom is determined this isn't going to happen to him. He is a lot like his father and wishes for more adventure in his life. He abandons his family to get his wish in the same way his...