Synopses of United States Air Force

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Synopses of United States Air Force

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Synopses of United States Air Force

Sensitivity to Consumer Wants

"When participation in the activity will garner the individual some salient external reward, and when the individual knows about this reward contingency prior to participation, he or she will be likely to attribute the cause of his or her behavior to the reward rather than to the activity itself " (Forehand, 2000, p. 1). The United States Air Force continues to take consumer wants a strategic way to show reward to customers bringing customer value. In the advent of technological advancement, sensitivity to customer wants creates a set of long-term objectives from the environmental analysis. United States Air Force sought Verity's experience to power an ambitious enterprise portal (Air Force Personnel, 2001).

"My. AirForce will be an invaluable one-stop information service to the men and women of the United States Air Force and to the people who support them," said Anthony J. Bettencourt, president of Verity. "We are proud that the USAF sought Verity's experience to power an ambitious enterprise portal. We are confident that Verity K2-based portal infrastructure software will deliver the quality and performance that the USAF demands for secure, highly scalable search and retrieval of valuable online content." USAF is successful in acquiring Verity reach long-term goals and satisfying customer's wants and needs. Verity is a leading provider of corporate portals headquartered in Sunnyvale, California,. Verity software gives businesses a multitude of ways to improve access to vital information and perform a range of e-business operations, while enhancing user experience (Air Force Personnel, 2001).

Concern for Quality

Entering the era of the "Instant-everything", quality is compromise. Concern for...