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Tabloids vs Broadsheets

The newspapers in Great Britain differ from each other in many ways. Tabloids, such as The Sun, The Daily Express, and The Daily Mail tend to stretch the truth and provide sensational stories in order to sell to their audience. Broadsheets like The Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph are more conservative newspapers and take on a serious note with their stories. Both of these types of newspapers attempt to appeal to their audiences by using certain elements of design, language, and images. An article about the search for British sailors lost at sea is a good example of how these newspapers have differing perspectives of the same story. The Daily Express writes about the hunt for the sailors in a tabloid format while The Times shares the story in a broadsheet perspective. Each newspaper writes about the US Coast Guard continuing their search for the four British sailors after they went missing on their yacht about 1,000 km east of Cape Cod.

The Daily Express article called "The Hunt for sailors back on after petition…but it may be too late" was written by Mark Reynolds. This is definitely a tabloid piece because of the dramatic title and the images it portrays. The title is in huge, bold font and the sentence "but it may be too late" is disheartening and plays with the reader's emotions. There are also 3 images in the article. One shows the families of the 4 sailors holding a picture of their loved one, the second image is a tipping yacht, and the third is a map highlighting where they lost contact with the yacht. These images are eye-catching and more fun to look at than a black and white photo. The picture of the families is sad and makes...