The Tactics of Tobacco Advertisers

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The Principle of the Dignity of the Human Person: Cigarette Girls Tobacco companies are now turning to a new advertising strategy involving scantly clad women selling cigarettes in popular nightclubs to young adults. This is a corporate display of the exploitation of women which could potentially be dangerous. While on the job they may face an increased chance of sexual harassment or possibly rape. Aside from this, the very product being sold is harmful to the health of those in the club and poses a new question: Why would any company/night club sell something that rapidly reduces its customers? The Principle of the Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers: Health Care Benefits Recent surveys show that only 40% of companies are fulfilling their employees' requests for more flexible health care benefits. Some factors deter companies from delivering such benefits because of insurance risks. However, other companies still manage to provide their workers with adequate health care, and thus, proving that this right is being consciously denied by certain companies elsewhere merely to save money and increase profits.

The Principle of Stewardship: Automotive Industries While motor companies are constantly modifying the vehicles of the future, the pollution from all of these new cars will become progressively more destructive to the environment. The ozone's rate of deterioration will increase exponentially because of the carbon monoxide output. However, advancements are being made to reduce excessive pollution. For instance, Germany, France, and Canada are in a collaborate effort to create a car that runs on hydrogen and the exhaust is pure water.

The Principle of Respect for Human Life: Abandoned 2-year-old A 2-year-old girl managed to survive 19 days on dried pasta, ketchup, and mustard while her mother spent time in jail. Upon arrest, the mother did not notify the police of the child and she was left for nearly three weeks in their house, alone. The mother must have made the conscious decision not to inform the police of her daughter because the first thing that almost mothers would think about, if arrested, is their child's well being. After all, it is a human life that requires constant supervision. The incarcerated woman disrespected the toddler's life and deserves even more punishment for having been so uncaring, thoughtless, and overall unloving.

The Principle of Solidarity: Happy Sindane Happy Sindane, a 19-year-old male appeared in court claiming he was abducted from his white parents and raised in a township as the son of a black domestic worker. He said he'd spent the last 12 years as a virtual slave in the black township. After his court session, many white families made offers to adopt him and a fund was organized for his education and training. This act represents solidarity because it illustrates a community coming together to help a scarred teen start a new life. They have a genuine concern for his well-being and want to be a part of his life.