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Taiwan is a country that has itself in one of the most complicated political situations the world has ever seen. To fully understand it, one must examine the historical events that have led up to the current situation. There are many misconceptions regarding Taiwan's position. The media, both east and west, often let these misconceptions come out in their reporting. Once the facts and issues are identified, you will be able to draw a well informed view on the matter and be able to identify any misinformation. I urge anyone who visits this site to investigate at least a little bit into the history and politics of Taiwan, so that they may draw their own educated conclusions on the subject.

Taiwan has a population of 23 million people. It is an island in East Asia, with Japan to it's immediate north, The Philippines to it's southeast, and the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the west.

(Click here for map.) The Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan is a major shipping lane between the North East Asia ports of Seoul, Shanghai, and Tianjin, and the South China Sea ports of Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, and Guanzhou. Taiwan's own port of Kaohsiung is the second largest shipping port in the world. Taiwan is a free and democratic nation with multiparty elections and a very successful economy that is more profitable than any single province within the People's Republic of China.

Through constant political pressure and heavy international lobbying, The People's Republic of China has blocked Taiwan from having official diplomatic ties with almost every country in the world. If a country wants to do business with China, it must denounce Taiwan and remove it's embassy. The PRC is blocking Taiwan from having a seat in the United Nations, and...