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"Mommy! I promise I'm a go if you don't tell me where the bathroom is right now!" Gees, this giant new house of mine is not like my house before. I got a bad enough time remembering when I got to go. So losing my way on top of that, oh man, I'll be back in my Barbie pull-ups before I get five! Although, not even reaching an age of adolescence, I generally would struggle in coping with any new environment. I grew comfortable with what I knew, and accordingly, continued to live in Plano for the rest of my youth.

Today I got a pretty room, just like Cinderella's, and it's all mine so Sissy Steph can have her "privacy." Whatever that means, it's definitely something she says she needs really bad. Mommy always says I'm "perfectly capable" of finding something to do, so I got to play in my room all day long.

Mommy and Daddy were building a big dark square for the television, although it kind of looks like my tall, skinny, old tree house. Mommy says it's not a square, but a rectangle. She's not in school like I am, so she doesn't remember, therefore I didn't argue. Oh but I did have a terrible knack for starting contention and quarreling with people inside my family. Ironically, I grew a sense of understanding and compassion for the people surrounding me. But when it came down to common sense, a great lack there of could be effortlessly seen through my dealings.

Mommy and daddy were banging on the brown square for the TV all day long. Oh, it upset my ears so much. But something happened that scared me so bad I thought I was going to turn to Barbie sooner than I planned. I saw a big scary monster within the brown, wooden box! It's just like the monster in the movie, "Big Scary Monster." I could connect all the dots and, "boom!" the brown monster popped out to eat you. I began to come up with various possibilities of how I could maturely and wisely handle the situation just like a 'big girl.' Maybe daddy saw the 'Big Scary Monster' and placed the long shiny nail through it with the hammer. Then he smacked him right in its ugly face! Now I knew what they were doing all day that hurt my ears. Oh daddy would be so proud of me if he knew I could make the monster go away. So, I walked on my tippy-toes so the Big Scary Monster wouldn't know anyone was about to sneak up on him. My knees were shaking as if I were cold, and my fingers were twitching as I reached for the hammer in the toolbox. On the count of three, I slammed the hammer right through the mean face of the monster. "Bam!" It was hard to rip the hammer from inside the wood after I would tear into it with the hammer's claw end. But it didn't matter; I was going to finish this. And, sorry to say, I continued until I heard a thundering shudder throughout the entire house as if a horse race went directly through our living room. I can feel the stomach-turning leap in my heart as I watched the horror upon my mother's face amplify as she looked upon the entertainment center she and my father had so methodically pieced together that day. However, I didn't realize what an irrational act I had done as soon as I should have. I don't recall receiving any distinct punishment or consequence, but I do remember the "look"-bewildering look of what a youthful child, such as I, was capable.