"A Tale of Three Trees." This is a synopsis of the classic Christian tale.

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Synopsis of The Tale of Three Trees


*Takes place during a time before the birth of Christ, during the birth of Christ, and during the crucifixion of Christ.


*The first tree: Wishes to hold wonderful treasure. Becomes a food box for animals. Holds Jesus Christ as a baby.

*The second tree: Wishes to be a great boat that holds a great king. Ends up being a fishing boat that reeks of rotten fish. Jesus calms the storm in his boat.

*The third tree: Wishes to stay where he is and grow tall so that when people look at him, they will raise their eyes to the heavens and think of God.

Plot summary:

"The Tale of Three Trees." Apparently it is an old Christian folktale. It is about 3 trees that each want to do something great. One tree wants to be a big boat that is fit for a king.

Another wants to hold a lot of treasure. The last one wants to be the talles tree and point to God

Soon after all the trees are cut down. One tree is turned into a dinky little fishing boat that smells of rotten fish. Another becomes feed box for animals. The last was cut into beams and left in a lumberyard.

Many days later, a child is born in manger. The tree that was turned into a feedbox holds the baby and knows that he is holding the greatest treasure in the world. Years later the trees that became a fishing boat is in a terrible storm. Suddenly a man calls out, "Peace", and the storm stops. The tree recognizes it is carrying the King of heaven and earth.

The last tree that was cut into beams is sewn into a cross and is...