Target.Direct: Customer Purchasing Satisfaction in E-commerce - This case study describes issues associated w/ customer satisfaction in e-commerce purchasing in reference to Target.Direct

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"No matter what you are shopping for, Target.Direct has something to fit your style": Target.Direct self-advertises. Target.Direct, the direct merchandising and electronic retailing division of Target Corporation, successfully combines the e-commerce and direct marketing operations of Target, Marshall Field's and Mervyn's. Target.Direct not only combines, and, it also recently added, with one simple checkout.

In this paper I am going to explain the main issues involved in customer satisfaction of online purchasing products and how Target.Direct addresses each issue. These issues include:

·Purchasing Capabilities

·Product Variety

·Refinding a Product: The Wishlist

·Customer Service

·Ease of Checkout

·Returning Merchandise


Purchasing Capabilities

When you purchase any item via Target.Direct you can use the usual credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, but you can also use your Target Guest Card, Marshall Field's Card, or Mervyn's Card, issued by Target Corporation, Marshall Field's, or Mervyn's respectfully, for the purchase no matter what store it actually is provided by.

The purpose of this is to heighten awareness of each stores various products to customers and to also give customers the convenience of purchasing from multiple stores with a single checkout.

Product Variety

It is obvious to most the variety that is available. You can purchase apparel, small appliances, home furnishings, toys, jewelry, decorations, sporting goods, candles, and a plethora of other items at Target.Direct. Plus, you can also easily access with its advertised over 3 million titles in books, music, and movies. There is sure to be something for everyone and every occasion with this array of merchandise available on Target.Direct.

Re-finding a Product: The Wishlist

Many people like the ease of shopping online and finding exactly what they want. But, it makes customer satisfaction...