Tatoo's and Body Piercing.

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Tattoo's and body piercing are a new means for artists to express their work in a more public forum. Both artists can show their work on display, through the internet, and more personally by the people that have had some of the art work done to them.

Using display cases can be very effective in showing pictures of tattoos. This allows the customer to come in and see what the tattoo might look like when it's completed. Tattoo artist can also use folders with different pictures in them that they can pass out to the customers. Other things could be pictures of completed tattoos on people. This gives the customer a choice of drawings or pictures to choose from. The one last way to display inside the store can be to hang pictures on the wall. With these different choices given to the customer it might make it easier for them to purchase a tattoo.

Body piercing can be displayed by showing the different types of piercing that are available. The artist would want to show the public what he could offer. For example; the different types of metals that he has, and also the different shapes and sizes that customer can get. The customer would also want to pick out where they wanted the piercing on the body. Therefore it is essential for the artist to show what types of metal he has used and where they could go. Another way to display some body piercing could be through pictures. If the artist had completed pictures of a body piercing to show the customer before the customer was to get the piercing. It would allow the customer to see how it might look on him or her.

When using the internet to find some information on tattoo's it can...