Teach Me Violence

Essay by emultra April 2004

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I have assumed high intelligence on the part of the reader, may not be such a good idea but enjoy!

A human is not born violent but, rather, learns violence instinctively which can be changed with a great amount of difficulty. Humans, on a theoretical viewpoint, are completely innocent without knowledge. It is the reactive instincts of the human race that causes them to learn violence. Of course, the way something is learned can always be changed by the way it is taught. Humans are, without a doubt, violent, but they never came into this world that way.

Until a human gains the ability to think, that human is entirely innocent. When humans first learn that the world is not entirely comfortable or safe, they react accordingly; screaming and squirming in torment as their peace and absolute ignorance is shattered by input knowledge. As knowledge is gained by the human brain, more reactions are similarly created to incorporate the information into action.

While an ignorant human is innocent, a human with knowledge has learned to react to this knowledge with any and all of it's abilities.

It is the instinct of a human being to learn to deal with it's knowledge with thought and action, resulting in a learning of many things, including violence. When a human is attacked or feels threatened by something, the quickest and most foolproof reaction in order to remain safe is to act with violence to destroy or end the threat. Humans live in fear of many threats and "one hates what one fears..."(Anton Szandor LaVey) so, the first instinct of a human being is to treat any possible threat with hate, with violence. Instinct is something that is learned automatically by the human through setting and it is possible to change...