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Every organization uses teams or groups to work together toward a common goal. This is why team building is a very important concept in the world of business or with any organization you may have. Team building is an organizational development approach in which managers cooperate and share skills in order to solve organizational problems. There are many ways to bring a team together. From office games to vacation trips, all methods have the goal of nurturing that group to be a more productive and cooperative team. Although every organization uses teams there are some problems that can occur for the team.

Problems that may occur from working in a team are: lower production, confusion about assignment, and lack of initiative. Lower production can happen when the group feels that some are doing more than others. This may also happen because of poor communication within a team. Confusion about assignments can cause parts of a project to not get done.

Lack of initiative often occurs because people in a team think that others will finish what they do not. These disadvantages can all happen because of poor management or distrust of others on the team. Team building is an effort to help overcome the problems of a team.

There are many benefits of team building. These benefits include: better team performance, increased creativity, and freedom of personal communication with colleagues. Using games or taking a team off site is a chance to build relationships with those team members. Better relationships can help communication and creativity because some people's personalities do not allow them to risk embarrassment in front of coworkers. Team building allows people to get to know each other.

The only real disadvantage of team building is the time and cost. An organization can spend a small...