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Kimberly Rivadeneira

Professor Clarke

CRWT 102

26 September 2014

The Effects of Technology

In "Disconnected Urbanism" the author argues that cell phones interrupt socializing in society. They invade and make us disconnect from the real world. Cell phones are increasingly leaving an impact in our lives. According to this article it's a very negative impact that is severing the connection we have with the world. The author states how we all need to start paying more attention to the outside world instead of being on our phones all the time. The author says that when about in Paris, the beach, the city, we should be absorbed into the place instead we choose to be on the phone. Again, not everyone is that way but it is nice to record those memories of being there on a phone so that in the future we can look back and reflect.

I agree to a certain extent because certain people that have no self-control are way too into cell-phones and social media to the point where they ignore everyone.

In my opinion, it's all about self-control. Cell phones can be a huge distraction to some and people can simply become too absorbed with them to the point that they fall into manholes because they are not paying attention. Cell-phones are also very helpful though. They are a means to communication, direction, and education.

In the beginning of "Destination: LAPTOPISTAN" the author David Sax is very judgmental towards the people who sit at Atlas cafe on their computers for hours. The author talks about how the people at Atlas are not social at all and at times seem harsh when someone intrudes in their space or makes noise. The author decides to emerge himself into the world of the people who constantly work on...