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Technology, what is it? It is a creation of a new object to make life easy and an extension of some human quality. Technology has always been an important part of life since the 19th century industrial revolution. In general, technology started off by comforting our lives. Technology is binding the world of work and the world of home in ways that redefine what it means to be in each. Some changes are dramatic, but the changes are experienced in many activities of our everyday life. Advancement in technology has affected many people in many ways.

New technology has altered peoples' consciousness, language, and the way society views the world. Technological advancements have made the world smaller, and have made things easier. Everyday in society, people are making improvements. Technology has helped increase the speed of communication and decrease its cost. However, at the same time, it has caused people to become more impersonal with each other.

In earlier times the major way of communication was for people to visit each other and go to public meeting places. One of the next major advances was the telephone. Due to the telephone, people no longer went to the public meeting places as often as they used to. As time goes on, new advances still allow people to contact and communicate with each other more easily. These advances such as faxes, pagers, and E-mails. Although seemingly making life easier, each help to decrease the earlier forms of communication. In some businesses, E-mail is the main way of communica!

tion because it is quick, they have record of the conversation, and can almost access it anywhere. Nowadays, people often debate whether technology is good. Technology has come a long way, and contributed a lot to the comfort of one's life. However, it...