Teen Anger

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Austin King Mrs Kendall 4th period

Bang! 911 what's your emergency? In the past of the United States history there have been a lot of school shootings by teenagers. Normally teen anger is cause by bullying, teasing, or just having no friends there for you. Every once and a while a teen will take his anger to a whole different level and use a gun instead of talking to someone to express there anger. Now im not saying it is all the parents fault for what the kids do but half of it is. How could you live with your kid and not know that he is making plots to kill people or buying guns. If you're the parent of this ten you must also know that he is angry a lot and gets put down or rejected. The parents may even be the ones causing the kid all this trouble by abusing him or neglecting him.

That's going to hurt your child a lot and make him build up a lot of anger because he has no one to tell it all to. The parents aren't there for him, he has no friends, and he probably is a single child. Now the other half is the kids fault also, if he does build up all this anger there are other ways to take it out then going to a school and shooting up a bunch of innocent kids. I mean if you are that angry that you feel like shooting something at least go to the firing range, go hunting, or something else besides going to a school and shooting a lot of innocent people. I think that there is a way we can stop most teenagers from getting this angry by making a club at the school called...