Teen Drug Abuse

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Morgan Rigney

Ms. Frelich

English 12

September 9, 2013

Teens Drug Abuse

Molly, marijuana, and meth, these are the most popular drugs used by teens today. These drugs are so easily accessible that dealers can range from your next door neighbor to the mail man. The accessibility and advertisement of drugs today make teens believe that the drug isn't dangerous or harmful to them. Most addicts started before the age of eighteen and over half of those started by the age of fifteen. Whether teens believe it or not, drugs have an effect on a person's life. Most teens believe that just trying a drug once won't hurt, but it only takes one time for the drug to have an effect on the brain or heart.

Many teens don't realize the harsh reality of drugs; they believe the drug doesn't do any true harm to them. Substance overdose has nearly doubled over the past five years.

Illegal substances change chemical reactions within the brain causing it to not function properly. This can have an effect on decision making skills, like for example teens are more likely to have unprotected sex and get into a vehicle with someone that has been drinking or drive after drinking. Drugs also have an effect on the teenage brain because they are not fully developed yet, causing the development process to slow down or even stop. Many researchers believe that a person will mentally stay the same age as they were when they first started abusing drugs, even though they still age physically. Many drugs also have later effects such as LSD or acid. The drug is kept in your blood stream and can come up even a year later causing hallucinogenic trips.

Drugs come in all shapes and sizes, Ecstasy, for example comes...