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We all know going through pregnancy and then raising a child can be extremely difficult. Being a parent is one of the most important roles in your life and is also a challenging responsibility. Newborn babies are highly depended on parents meeting their desires and needs. The way you care for your baby determines how he or she will develop as a child and as an adult. The five important aspects that a teenage parent should give their child are; touch growth, self-esteem, communication and patience.

Many of the simple things that you do with your baby are important. Babies need a lot of touching, holding, and cuddling during the first few months. Skin-to-skin contact tells the baby that he or she is protected, cared for, and loved. Babies enjoy the close physical contact they have with you. A baby can sense your mood by the way you touch them.

Each individual baby grows and develops in his or her own way.

It is very important to feel good about your self and your new role as a parent. As a mother you are a unique person with unique qualities to bring to the parenting role. A role as a teen parent, feel good about the love and care that you can give your baby. Help your child develop positive self-esteem. Good communication between parents and baby is important. In fact, communication is the single, most important factor in determining what kinds of relationships are made with others. Communication involves more than just talking, it is a process in which one person really understands what the other person has said. An important communication skill is listening. When you listen to your child, you show that you care for them and that you respect them. Listening takes hard work and requires...