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Teen PregnancyMorning sickness, big bellies, and babies to come; but what’s it like being a pregnant teen?The reasons teens get pregnant vary in nature; some want children, some become pregnant by accident, and some do it because teen pregnancy is common in their society. Most recently, teenagers have even become pregnant for the attention and affection of others, making pacts to all become pregnant at the same time.

It seems that there are more cases of teenage pregnancy as a result of vanity.

Teen pregnancies may result from the insecurities of the mothers. Some teen mothers feel that if they become pregnant, others will make sure to pay attention and care about them. These mothers feel that becoming pregnancy is the only guarantee to companionship.

However, not all pregnancies are planned. In accidental pregnancies, the father may not feel affection towards his sexual partner, and may not end up caring for the child.

Without financial and emotional support, children will suffer. Sadly, this is the case for many children in America.

Some teen mothers are concerned about the state of pregnancy itself, but not the responsibilities of becoming a parent. Areas such as education, finances, and the general love and support of the child are not highly considered in these cases.

Conversely, there are also many adolescent parents who love and support their children. Some welcome responsibilities, and rearrange their own life to make accommodations for their children.

Some mothers and fathers even opt for online classes, so that they are able to provide full attention to their children, while still earning an education. These parents truly are providing themselves and their baby with a chance for a good future.

PALCS is offering help for teenage mothers. If you feel overwhelmed, need someone to talk to, and need direction, please...