Teen Violence and The Media

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Teen ViolenceThe media is the source of global information. It grants us the ability to harness the worldwide events right in our homes, at work, or even at school. Everything from major discoveries, economic conditions, sporting highlights, to miniature stories like “Jennifer Lopez Turns 25”. Each medium of the media may have their own different views on how to approach the story. On the story of “teen violence” cases in Canada each medium maximizes their potential to delivery their absolute best to the community. Medium sources include newspapers which has been nearly extinct for the time being of their existence, delivering stories since the dawn of the 19th Century to the present day. The Internet that acts as a universal source which contains a variety of resources at our disposal. And finally television considering it grants live descriptive footage of the scenario at the time being. Each medium is unique in terms of resources and materials available to decide on which decorations fit the form on how the story is delivered.

Because the mediums: newspapers, television, and the Internet have their special techniques and limitations that are set out to cover the teen violence story, each is viewed differently.

Televisions have single reporters telling the audience the details of the story. Because of the exceptional formation of television the reporters can bring a live feed to the viewers. They capture the image in your eyes and inform to the ears. The power of visual aid can be exceptionally useful but its facts may have flaws. Regarding teen violence television typically covers the story excellently a day after the case. Professional TV crews arrive and the cameras focus mainly on the emotional pain of others, while reporters are eagerly waiting to interview. This effect may give out a sense of sorrow...