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Experts have analyzed that there exists a disturbing and growing trend in violence in teen relationships. In an article titled, "Violence Rising in Teen Relationships", Joanne Barbera, manager of the domestic violence program at Windsor Regional Hospital's Sexual Assault Treatment Centre stated this type of violence is an increasing trend amongst teenage couples. The article detailed news of a couple from Amherstburg, Ontario where a boyfriend assaulted her girlfriend.

Amherstburg Police arrested the 18 year old male boyfriend on counts of assault, forcible confinement and assault with a weapon. The 16 year female victim reported the incident to police after an 11-month romance ended on a souring note. Police reported that abuse included episodes of him shoving her to the floor, grabbing her hard enough to leave marks, confining her and holding a knife to her throat. All of which local service authorities say is not uncommon considering they deal with issue of domestic violence (Chen, 2009).

Joanne Barbera, manager of the domestic violence program at Windsor RegionalHospital's Sexual Assault Treatment Center, stated it was an increasing trend. She also said it happens often but is not mentioned in the media so it appears as if it is an uncommon event. Thomas Rolfe, executive director of Hiatus Housem which is a shelter for victims of domestic violence, also believes this is a growing problem. He stated, "We're seeing more and more, starting earlier and earlier." (Chen, 2009)The article went on to include various comments from domestic violence authorities such as pointing out that violence in teen couples is not a new trend. For example, Detective Jeff Dunn of the Windsor Police Service's family violence unit, reported that it is common for victims of violent relationships to be reluctant to report it, regardless of age. He also went on...