Teenagers Now More Than Ever Disapprove Of Drug Use

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Teenage approval of marajuana and other illegal drugs have started declining, with fewer adolescents saying they consider drug use to be cool, according to recent national studies bieng released. Forty percent of teenagers surveyed agreed strongly that kids who are really cool don't use drugs, compared with 35% who said so the year before. The number of people who were saying in my school, marajuana users are popular dropped to 10% which was 17% the year before. Among younger respondents, those 13 to 15 years old, only 8 percent said marajuana users were popular, compared with 13% in the year before. This change is potentially significant because such changes in attitude have become predictors of drug use. A recent government survey reported that drug use was leveling off among teenagers. A new survey said that experimentation with marajuanadeclined to 41% of those surveyed, compared with 42% the year before, and 44% the year before that one.

Experimentation with inhalants, methamphetamine, cocaine, and LSD also dropped. The trial use of the drug ecstasy also dropped. More than half the teenagers interviewed said they have been offered drugs, but only 11% said it was difficult to reject a friends invitation to try marajuana, compared with 14% in the previous four years and 41% of the teenagers said they have tried to talk their friends out of using drugs, compared with 38% in the year before.