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Staying Golden


Nicholas Tiratsuyan

Grade 8

Mrs. Prokop

Curtains Rise and I come out into the middle of the stage


Ponyboy and Holden have very similar reputations. They may not act the same but they are both outcastes.

Ponyboy and the Greasers are outcasts of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are not a part of the Socs because they don't a lot of money. They are also not liked by the lower class.

Holden is an outcast because in Pency he while everyone in the school was at the football game he was on a hill, alone, watching over them. He also does not like almost everyone because he thinks they are phonies.

Well both of them are here tonight at Hard Rock Café. Ponyboy is with Darry and Soda.

Holden, on the other hand, has just met Ernie and is stuck at the bar drinking.

First let's check in with Ponyboy.

Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda are waiting for their table In the front of the café. A woman comes to take them to their table. Soda flirts with the girl and tries to hook up with her but Darry stops it and tells the girl to show them to their table. They walk to the balk of the café next to the bar. They are seated on the third booth from the entrance.


What the hell was that!




You damn know what.


Just trying to get around, you know.


Shut up!

Soda laughs.

To Ponyboy What are we going to do about your education?


Nothing what are you talking about?


You're not going to drop out.


You can't tell me what to do


Yes I can, I'm in charge here.

There was silent at the table.

What has...