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Television is a device that can display moving images and sound through receiving electromagnetic waves. Today television means more than a device; it represents a global media that reached the Four Corners of the world. The development of television took considerable time span. Although the first practical television system began operating in the 1940s, after World War II, television broad-casting started in major developed nations. In Bangladesh, the television broadcasts began in 1968, from the present Rajuk Building. The capability of television to handle both moving images and sounds make it appealing to the masses, which makes mass communication more effective through television. Therefore, it is no wonder that television is often called the single most influential mass media. Almost every nation in the world has television stations that broadcast, news and entertainment programs. The deployment of telecommunication satellites in earth orbit has revolutionized television broadcasting in the form of satellite television.

With satellite television, television broadcasting has become and specialized

24-hour channels have emerged: news channels like CNN and BBC World ports channels like. Star Sports and ESPN and also entertainment channels like HBO and Star World. Whether satellite television is harmful for the viewers and their native culture or not is a matter or debate. All that we can say is, it is up to the viewer to decide.