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Mass media in Iran has been a significant medium in conveying messages to the nation. This paper has taken several articles with regards to three branches of media: (1) broadcast media as in television, (2) print media as in newspaper, and (3) new media as in internet. The articles cover from the political, social, philosophical and historical views of different media. It is also mentioned that Iran has been using the religion of Islam as a fundamental guideline in communicating government policy to the nation as a whole.


Article: The politics of satellite television in Iran.

Alikhah F. (n.d.) argued about the proliferation of satellite television had caused serious concern for Iranian government. The concern was proven as the Iranian government created a regulatory law on satellite television in 1995. Alikhah stated that there was a significant change and difference between 2007 and 1995 with regards to satellite television: (1) digitalization had caused better signals for the audience; (2) there was no Persian-speaking channel during the ban of satellite television, and (3) there were only few channels that followed the Islamic Republic of Iran's media policy.

The author further discussed about the media by stating the history, the reception of satellite television among the people, the status of satellite television and the impacts of satellite television to the people. The author also related the effects of conflicts on the emergence of satellite television including the debates between the conservative against the reformist. He then classified Persian television network into two branches: (1) political, and (2) non-political whereby in political branch there were pre-Islamic and after Islamic oriented contents while in non-political media there were light entertainment, advertisements and American music contents. The author provided three leading satellite...