Television Violence.

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Today, watching television has become a daily activity for Americans. Most Americans nowadays own more than one television set. And most Americans watch at least 2 hours of television a day. Even though some shows are educational, most are now are fictional, violent, and sexual. Prime-time television seems to be the most violent of all the programming during the course of a day. Violence on those shows are already bad enough, but now cartoons have a lot of violence also. Cartoons appeal to children no matter what the content is because it's just the type of shows that attracts children. Television is already violent enough on prime-time shows, but it is also spreading to cartoons which can have even more violence since it is animated.

The first and most violent cartoon is "South Park" on the cable network "Comedy Central". The cartoon is targeted toward teens, but kids are still watching it because it is animated.

The show is basically about 4 friends (Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broslofski and Kenny McCormick) who engage in odd adventures in every episode. The show is very violent, bloody, and in every episode, the character "Kenny" would always be killed in the bloodiest way possible. For example, in one episode, Kenny would get hit by a car and die a slow death. In another episode, he would just be playing a harmless game of tetherball until the ball hits him and he gets tangled in the rope and gets strangled to death. Not only does the show contain an enormous amount of pointless violence, but also have an equal amount of language and the use of sexual terms. The rating for the show is "Mature Audiences", but children still watch it nonetheless.

The second cartoon is "The Simpsons", which still has an...