Terroisims threat to Australia - A federal issue.

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Terrorism is everywhere, even Australia so Australia has joined a global campaign to stop this evil. For peace and freedom Australia is supporting this campaign with determination.

This global campaign has achieved to destroy the Taliban regime and have stopped many terrorists around the world. But there is a lot more needed to be done to stop terrorism as terrorist are fearless warriors who do not fear death or pain.

Australia's alliance with the United States is an important factor in the counter-terrorism strategy. The United States is the global leader in the fight against international terrorism. No other country has the global reach required, or the resources, to help other countries improve their own capabilities to deal with terrorism.

To stop terrorism is impossible in my own opinion but there is a way to limit terrorist casualties. Australia should improve its defense program of counter-terrorism engagement witch includes combined counter-hijack and hostage recovery exercises, the maintenance of close intelligence contacts and the provision of intelligence training needs to be used a lot more.

The government needs to introduce more Air Security Officers on domestic flights and stronger border control. The ADF should form more tactical assault groups to stop chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack in Australia.

At this moment there have not been any true Terrorists attacks in Australia but that does not mean there never will. Captured terrorist report that there will be attacks in Australia. Hopefully Australia's defence program will come in handy and save lives.