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ADJ 265 Find a current or past court trial (via Internet or television) where an investigator or officeris called to testify. Evaluate the officer's role and if he/she follows the guidelines on pp.

129-34 of the text. Then evaluate one-fourth to one-half of the officer's court testimony. In700-1,050 words, identify and summarize the trial you observed and evaluatedTestimonyNathan Janes was testifying in the court case where Ashley Howes was being tried for murder of a child she was watching. Nathan Janes was appropriately dressed in business attire when he was on the stand. He spoke clearly and with an appropriate volume which those in the court could hear him and understand what he was saying. He used many types of fillers when he was speaking, he repeatedly would say um. This made him look as if he was uncertain as how to answer the questions. He did not sit in an upright position.

He would lean forward and was fidgety. He sat with his legs uncrossed which did show that he was open. It did not seam that he knew what he was going to say. It did not seam like he had reviewed his notes prior to his testimony. "This creates a doubt in the mind of the judge, jury, or defense attorney as to how accurately an officer recalls the events of that particular investigation." (Grubb & Hemby, 2003, p. 130) He did listen to the questions and not answer too quickly. When he did not know the answer to the question if the girl understood her rights he said he did not know if she knew. This did not make him seem less creditable by not knowing.

The other detective that was interviewed was Detective Chilo. Detective Chilo was dressed appropriately. The judge said that Detective Chilo...