Texas Revolution

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The atmosphere in Texas was described by Sam Houston as ?the animating pursuit of speculation!? With its large tracts of land which provided good farming opportunities, the Americans became very interested. Almost from the moment the first Anglo- American immigrant arrived in Texas, a territory which was being governed by Mexico, trouble began. The Americans who came over to settle in Texas did not seem to have respect for the Mexican government. The Fredonian Rebellion was the incident that set the immigrants in a direction by which they did not have to accept the Mexican government?s laws or rules. The Americans learned to get what they wanted by taking up arms. The large population of Anglo- Americans who were allowed to settle in Texas only aided the settlers when they felt something was unfair. The Americans outnumbered the Mexicans living in Texas, twenty-five to three. Slavery was a constant issue between the Mexicans and the American settlers.

The Mexicans said slavery should be illegal and the American settlers felt it should be legal. In sticking with the pattern the American settlers had begun, they had got their way once more and slavery was made legal, with only a few exceptions. The inability of Texas to control the territory of Texas and the American settlers who lived on that land, resulted in the Texas Revolution.

The effort to establish an ?indepedent Texas,? was known as the Fredonian Rebellion. Haden Edwards received a grant of one hundred square miles of Texas? finest farming land, which bordered on the San Jacinto River. Some old time settlers whose land grants fell along the border or within Haden?s new land grant, feared being removed from what they felt was their land. The settler?s banded together and formed an alliance to protect what they saw as...