Textbook Assessment: Prospects Super Advanced

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Criteria for coursebook assessment

This textbook should be used by learners of English at a secondary level. That is why it is meant to respond to the needs of a specific group of students, furthermore, it offers supplementary materials for both the student and the teacher, as to enable a better communication between the two.

It is not very important that the first criterion should appear in a student's book. To this purpose, the authors have proposed a teacher's book, containing guidelines in using the textbook. Still, the authors have mentioned a few objectives to be followed throughout the studying process, on the back coverage of the textbook.

Considering the fact that this is an English textbook for foreign learners, it is natural that it provides information about British and American cultures. The target community can thus accept this approach in order to achieve new information about these cultures.

It is very important for a textbook to read easily and be comprehensible.

Prospects Super Advanced offers a clear attractive layout, it is very easy to read and it has a lot of pictures and images to support each of the units' tasks or simply to make learning enjoyable.

The topics and tasks are interesting but their use is mainly subdued to their finality that is improving of English. The fact that a topic is interesting or not should not count that much especially for advanced learners, to whom the textbook addresses to. The extent to which it helps improving language skills is by far more important.

The variety is thus more important as it provides different approaches from different students. By using this textbook, they focus on practicing rather than learning new information. Yet, the textbook does respond to different learning styles or interests, as one unit can easily be...