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The title of the book I read is called The Diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank. This story takes place in Amsterdam, Holland. This book is about a Jewish teenage girl named Anne Frank and her family who goes into hiding for over seven years from the German Nazis. When Anne was thirteen she received a diary because she had a passion for writing. Anne Frank describes her family's journey in her diary. Soon after she had received her diary, her father and sister received a letter informing them that they were to be sent to a concentration camp. After receiving the letter Anne and her family fled to their hiding place which the father had set up for them which was called the Secret Annex. Anne's family was not the only ones that were hiding in this one spot. In this time period, if the German soldiers found you; they would send you to a Jewish concentration camp.

Most families hid with multiple families in one hiding place. German soldiers would walk up and down streets searching for anyone in hiding, if they caught any person aiding a Jewish family they too would be sent to the concentration camp. Anne used her diary to log all her days in hiding because her diary was to her, a friend.

Anne Frank is the main character. She was a teenage girl who wanted to be independent, have private space, and do her own thing. Anne has a personality that likes to take situations in a seriously manner. Anne got along with everyone, while in the Secret Annex. In relation with her parents, Anne Frank got along with her father better than with her mother. Anne's mother was very harsh. While being in hiding, Anne thinks more about...